Half marathon training programs

Many people offer free half marathon training resources on the Web, but two training gurus stand above the rest: Jeff Galloway and Hal Higdon. Both publish half marathon training programs on their websites for free. Both men have also written several books on running which are worth reading.

We prefer the Jeff Galloway half marathon training method because in our opinion it offers better protection from injury and is more sustainable because it requires less time commitment during the week. Having said that, many runners have achieved their goals using Hal Higdon’s half marathon training programs and we believe they are worth consideration. Both methods are discussed on these pages. One is not necessarily better than the other - just pick the schedule that you know you can complete before you start training.

Differences between Jeff Galloway and Hal Higdon training methods

Hal Higdon's training programs have many similarities with Jeff Galloway’s. Yet there are some important differences. These are the main ones: